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The proper chain of command to begin an investigation is easy. Any member who believes that their rights have been violated should seek redress of the issue first with their Chapter Commanding Officer – unless that person is part of the issue. Should that be the case, then the member should contact their respective Regional Coordinator. The Regional Coordinator will then contact the Commander, STARFLEET and providing the necessary details as to the cause for the investigation. Such notification can be in any form, though a formal written request should follow within 48 hours. The method mentioned before is preferred but any member of STARFLEET has the right to direct submit their complaint and request for an investigation directly to the Commander, STARFLEET. The Commander, STARFLEET will review the issue and – if determined to be within the authority of the IG’s Office – will direct the IG to begin an investigation into the matter. At their discretion, the Commander, STARFLEET may instruct the Office of the Inspector General to provide more information before a decision is made on whether to launch a formal IG investigation.

Approval shall not be unduly withheld. The requesting member may appeal a denial decision to the Admiralty Board. A 2/3 vote of the Admiralty Board is the required to override the denial and move the requested investigation to the Office of Inspector General.